I come out the academic fine art background. In college ( and more college ), I was trained to be a fine artist. In that use, “fine” does not imply a level of quality, as in “Herman is has a fine voice”. It means really Art for its own sake. It means paintings and other works created with the intent of expression. Fine Art is the more elevated form of artistic endeavor. A fine artist is not paid to produce art, but produces art, which is later viewed, often in some sort of show or gallery and may be purchased. Some, but not many fine artists earn large incomes. More often the artist has the classic Day Job, to provide enough income to continue the pursuit of art. His work comes out of his own desire to communicate and express idea

Commercial Artists are at the opposite end of the art continuum. Often they are hired to create a specific piece of art. We live in a sea of commercial art. Look around. Everything we use is designed. From bread wrappers to airplanes, artists have designed the forms. These artists, often called designers, are very important in the world of commerce. A poor package design will interfere with the sales of even an excellent product. Everything is designed to appeal, whether to just one demographic, for example teenage girls, or to the general populace. These artists-designers are often very well paid. His work often comes out of the need of another to gain financial success.

It is not surprising that the fine artist considers himself to be on a higher plane than the commercial artist. The commercial artist is usually glad that he has a steady income. There is little connection between the two camps, and many a verbal snipe could be heard if one listened at the door.

I said that I was educated to be a fine artist and I certainly do that. My personal work fits well into the fine art style. Some say it has quality. I know that I enjoy it, from the shooting of an image through the creation and printing of a photograph within a frame. I even do my own printing, which is unusual in the digital age. Wedding photography is different. I do not get to choose the location, the lighting and many other things. I know that I need to have a good image of the bride and her mother. I also know that the bride may want a pose she saw in a magazine two days ago. That is part of the work. But I do get to decide just how I will get that shot and whether to use the light from the window or add artificial light. I get to Call the Shots in a way. So I still have some control. I look for pictures which might just escape the ordinary and become art. Can I confess that I make pictures to please my own creative demands as well as to please the couple? So even though it is commercial art in a way, it still can be at some level, something more. That is what I seek every time I am at a wedding .

What does the wood rack have to do with any of this? Who knows? But a few days ago I finished a little chore I had given myself a while ago. We had some work done in the house last fall and I saw some two by fours that the carpenters had removed from a torn out wall and dumped in their truck. I saved about ten of these pieces of scrap wood and put them up behind the shed. Pulling out the nails was the next task and I did not rush to complete that part. Finally the nails were out and I cut the wood with my electric saw into pieces and assembled simple rack for stacking firewood, drilling holes and driving in the long screws I had bought at the store. Yesterday, I put one coat of paint onto it and will add a second coat in a day or two if it does not rain. It is not very good carpentry, being out of square in at least two directions. But I rather like the thing. Not pretty, but fairly sturdy, it will hold firewood for this winter. And there is something about keeping the wood here, only a few feet from where it was for twenty or so years that pleases me. It is a recycling of the hose, back to the house. But really I like it because I made it myself. It is the same way I like to do weddings. I get to Call the shots at least some of the time, in between the shots, I know what the bride expects. And sometimes I can make Art and hand it to her. I hope it enhances both our lives