A rose with texture over

Second Hand Rose

“That is the Strangest Picture of a rose I have ever seen”

So said my husband when I showed him this one.  I often use the phrase “Too much Art School”. When I was in college, I spent lots of my time behind an easel  as a painting student.   On into graduate school, I continued to study painting.   What I would call traditional art is absolute complete freedom .   The only constraints are those of the materials and your ability to work with them.  You can create things that exist only in your own little mind.    That is so much fun.  And you can go beyond any reason while you do this.

And in the digital art you can do much the same.  You can draw, you can paint.  You can create the unreal world of your own imagining.

And then there is Photography.

You have to put something into the camera to start with.     Once it is inside my little black box I can dump it into the computer and play.    Did I write PLAY?   Work, No it is WORK.   If I say play will people pay me for it?  Oh dear I have let out the secret.  I had a great teacher in art school who claimed daily the art was just play for grown-ups.   I play.   It is fun most of the time.  I cannot leave a picture alone.   I change.  I add.  I drop other pictures over it and under it until I am happy with it or I totally give up.  That totally giving up thing happens more that I would like to admit.   Sometimes I just delete and go back to the beginning.   Most of the pictures never see the outside of the computer.   Most do not deserve to see the outside of the computer.    But once in a while it all works out and I have one I like.

Well,  I like this one.   This strange rose.   Would any other person on the planet like it?  Perhaps or maybe I am totally alone in my  opinion.  It is really about the rose. It is about me and what I feel about it.