You are on the way somewhere and  you see it from the highway in a place you may never be again.  It disappears at sixty miles an hour and it is gone,  but for a second you saw it and it was the picture.  Rather it was THE PICTURE-THE IMAGE-THE SHOT.    And there is no way to go back and get it.  Even if you could go back it would be a different shot .because nothing would be the same.  The light changes ever minute and it would be gone.

A child turns toward you at the grocery store and you see his entire story in his eyes and you know that this is a picture that transcends, but you are in the grocery store and you do not have a camera and the parent might call the police if you had a camera anyway.

You dive by an old abandoned  building every day for years and you say to yourself, “I must come to photograph that building.   And then one day it is gone, torn down or collapsed.  It is gone and so are the pictures you had so carefully planned.

So what does it mean?  I guess that it is not just the pictures that we miss.  We are going to ___________ (fill in your own wish or plan).   We will do that after _________.   We will get that as soon as ______________.   But something changes or someone leaves your life or you find that you are not able to go there or visit her.

Let’s not forget to take the picture today.  It may not be there in the morning.