Loch Willow, it is called.   They tell me that long ago, it was larger.   It is something between a puddle and a pond and I pass it nearly every day.   There was, before the war a school nearby, named Loch Willow Academy. this is Virginia,  And in Virginia “The War” almost always refers to the Civil War.   The head teacher in the school closed in when war broke out and went away to make maps for Stonewall Jackson.  The school did not ever reopen but the little loch remains here.  It is in a pasture now.  It is not unusual to see a few cows in the water.

I was coming home just as it grew dark a few days ago when I saw the brilliant reflection of the sky in the water.  I almost did not stop because it was already too dark to use the camera.    This needed a tripod but I had no time to set up anything so I adjusted the camera as well as I could and braced it on a fencepost.   Sometimes you are lucky.  I went back again today but it wasn’t the same.  Pictures, all of them are a once in a lifetime deal.  You never have it again.  Even in a second, it is gone away.

Will the light on the loch ever be the same again?  I will keep  looking but I will not expect it.