OK. It is a blog. That means, I am supposed to write things an put them here for anyone to read. But I wonder if anyone will ever read anything that goes here. I was playing around with the original picture this morning. It was a shot of a road I see and drive on almost every day. It is named Varner Road and until a year or so ago it was not even paved – just one of the many little roads in rural Virginia that go from here to there. I am not from here but have come here only a few years ago. Sometime long ago I wanted to come here. I had seen the Shenandoah Valley when I was very young, on a tourist’s visit with my family. It may have been the sound of the word Shenandoah. It took a long time to get here. I had to live a few other lives first. But here I am in this place of beauty and tradition, when a hundred years might as well be yesterday as it seems to be the common memory here. And the fine people here tolerate my wanderings with a camera and sometimes two.
This is supposed to be about this picture. I took the shot of the road a few days ago, o before the snow that fell on Sunday night. I was playing with it this morning, trying to get the color just the way I wanted it to be. I know that I should write that I was “working” on it as if I admit that there is an element of play here, no one will take anything that I do very seriously, but playing I was and I thought that I would like to add a second image over it, So I dragged a tree shot that I liked over that top and worked (played) for a while with that. I have been shooting a lot of trees lately. I only like the trees when they are bare. This is my tree time of year, after winter and before spring. It must mean something that I reject the leaves.
So this is what it is now. A road and a tree. Shapes combined in something else. I wonder if it is any good.